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A Safari among Subscription Libraries
I have been a subscriber to O'Reilly's Safari services for quite some years now. Recently I upgraded the subscription such that I get access to the entire stock without limitations.
The Library, 2010

A form with a join
A form is a document, or part of one, that can be used for the entry of data. A join is a construct in query languages such SQL. A join allows you to lookup data in one part of a database based on a query in an other part. Joins are very general, and may appear in other contexts. Such as the XML forms language.
XML processing, Metadata processing, 2010

A framework for distributed digital object services
Robert Kahn and Robert Wilensky, 2006. A framework for distributed digital object services
Digital objects, Digital object stores, 2010

A new line in the list
I've spent half of this week writing an Internet draft
Internet, 2010

A phone for elderly hackers?
The young and smart people people have smart phones. But what phone should an old hacker choose. My answer is Nokia N900. The only snag is that this gadget isn't really a phone.
Hardware, Reviews, 2010

A tale of two lenses
Here I discuss two lenses. Both are very new. I've owned them less than three months, and they represent recent developments from the respective companies building them. But appart from that they differ in almost all aspects. Even in the very idea behind their existence.
Images, Hardware, 2010

Amazon, Adobe & Apple
My attitude towards eBooks has always been negative. Why should we lock content into proprietary formats. The sitution has changed.
Internet, 2010

An Irish Stew
Is Internet at a crossroad?
Internet, 2010

Atom contains all you need to annotate & navigate
Atom syndication format contains everything you need to build good annotation and navigation systems
Digital objects, XML web services, 2010

Bell's Books
I bought three books at Bell's Books, 536 Emerson Street, Palo Alto
Stories, 2010

Blomgrens noter och mina
Music, language & literature, 2010

Bourne Again Shell
The Bourne Again Shell is a prominent part of my life. Dark moments I've felt that I'm obsoleted by modern technologies, but all of a sudden I realised that I'm as modern as smarphone users
Images, Programming, 2010

Digital Representation and the Text Model
Dino Buzzetti, 2002. Digital Representation and the Text Model. New Literary History, 33(1), p. 61-88.
Text encoding, Digital objects, 2010

Do you hate XML?
Does developers really dislike XML? If they do, why and how much
XML technologies, 2010

Does hypertext promote extractive interaction rather than immersive?
Extractive and immersive are two forms of interactivity. This note claims that the digital library services have successfully implemented facilities for extractive media consumption but that it is very difficult to help users in the immersive pattern.
Essays, 2010

Drugs and OpenAccess
In a recent article Theresa Velden & Carl Lagoze (Communicating chemistry, Nature Chemistry 1, 673-678 (2009)) discusses how tradition and attitudes concerning IPR affect data sharing and how that in turn affects scientists propensities to use web 2.0 tools and web of data technologies.
eScience, 2010

Carl Lagoze, Sandy Payette, Edwin Shin and Chris Wilper, 2005. Fedora: an architecture for complex objects and their relationships
Metadata processing, Digital objects, 2010

Focus on the resources
Having had a web site for about 15 years, I start to wonder why I keep it in the first place.
Digital Object, Digital Object Stores, 2010

George Smiley and libraries
I'm an ardent John le Carré reader. In particular I'm very fond of the books about George Smiley.
Essays, Music, language & literature, 2010

Holberg, the Thinker and the Tulips
Two statues, one in Copenhagen and one in Bergen
Images, 2010

I ditched my SLR, my camera phone but not my lenses
I've bought a new camera. And I'm now a very enthusiastic owner of one of the new EVIL cameras, an Olympus E-P2.
Hardware, Images, 2010

Idempotency and HTTP methods
Idempotency is actually the feature of HTTP that makes Worldwide Web
Internet, 2010

Is Google Making us Stupid?
Having had a web site for about 15 years, I start to wonder why I keep it in the first place.
Digital objects, Internet, 2010

Modelling identifers?
Nick Nicholas, Nigel Ward and Kerry Blinco helps obscuring the digital identifiers concept
Structural web design, Internet, 2010

Newsagent predictions
According to Wikipedia, a newsagent is the owner of a newsagent's shop (or news stand in US English). The stock in his or her shop contains items that are expected to interest the market.
Media, Software, Images, 2010

On indexing of XML using XSLT
One of my really deep interests is the indexing of complex XML content. Please find here the home page of one my software projects, xslt_indexer
XML Processing, 2010

On my life as being connected
The new smartphone/tablet computer intervenes in my life, sometimes annoying me, but more often my wife and other people
Stories, 2010

On patience and bus stops
Waiting at a bus stop can learn us something significant about human nature
Essays, 2010

On the meaning of next
Nearest in place, degree, quality, rank, right or relation; having no similar object intervening
Metadata processing, Digital objects, 2010

Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
For many years I wrote most of my code in the Perl programming language. Now I've been a exclusively java programmers for five years
Images, Programming, 2010

Peer review and request for comments
Laurent Romary and myself have authored an RFC. That means a Request For Comments. I now understand why.
Internet, 2010

Podcast: Mor minns
Min mor har tre år kvar till 100. Jag menar att hon är en helt fantastisk kvinna, med ett knivskarpt intellekt. Hon fick aldrig gå mer än sju år i skolan som barn, men i 60-årsåldern tog hon i princip gymnasiekompetens. I denna serie läser hon dikter och berättar ur minnet eftersom hon är nästan blind.
Essays, 2010

Portrait of a lens: NIKKOR-O Auto 1:2 f=35mm
Portrait of a lens I've kept since I was a teenager.
Images, Hardware, Lenses, Photography, 2010

Readings on digital objects: An annotated URIography
I have a long list of articles to read on digital objects, how to model them etc. This page is for keeping track of my progress
Digital collections, Digital objects, 2010

Recycled Votive Guitar on the Compost
A view of a cemetary
Images, 2010

Reflections on a Library at Dusk
During my soon five years at The Royal Library, I've seen its exterior in all kinds of weather conditions. Here I give you some images showing the spectacular black granite fasade at dusk.
Essays, 2010

Skirmishes along the boarder of the PC
The PC was defined by IBM and Microsoft. Who defines it today? Who defines the boarder?
Hardware, Software, 2010

Solar energy
White reflects radiation from the sun to a larger degree than do other colours
Images, 2010

I've never been to California before. Now I'm here late in March after an unusually harsh Scandinavian winter
Images, 2010

The URN:NBN is dead and resurrection is meaningless
I'm one of those who try to base all decisions on facts. Politics belong to the strategic field, and in that field the only thing I can offer is advice.
Structural web design, Internet, 2010

The proliferation of redundant meaning
I first used the term semantic drift about 10 years ago. It was a real danger then, it still is but the proliferation of synonymous vocabularies is worse still.
Internet, Metadata, 2010

The syndication of style & layout
Quite a few and perhaps a majority of my readers seldom visits my site. This entry is about the problems of syndication and how you are limited by the styling and layout on the site where your material is presented.
Structural web design, 2010

Thinking about tulips dropping their petals
The spring is advances. April's weather has been staying, but nevertheless the Thinker's Tulips have dropped their petals.
Images, 2010

Thinking when the spring is approaching
Winter is just the worst part of the year. Where approaching the end of it.
Essays, Images, 2010

Towards an Architectural Document Analysis
Helena Francke, 2008. Towards an Architectural Document Analysis. Journal of Information Architecture
Structural web design, Digital objects, 2010

Why you need a persistence strategy
Here I go through some of the arguments why you need to implement a persistence strategy. We also conclude that the hypertext link is the single thing that makes the Worldwide web to a web. Hence it is a serious thing. If you're working within the digital library world you should be devoted to the hypertext link.
Structural web design, Internet, 2010

Will the tablets change the world?
I have previously discussed the impact of the tablet computer, an in particular iPad, and described how I've acqired one myself. Here I give some further pointers on the subject.
Hardware, Media, 2010


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