Peer review and request for comments

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2010-11-25

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Earlier this year Laurent Romary and myself authored an Internet Draft, which is the first step towards a Request For Comments (RFC). Now the text has been trough the review process and we have made all the revisions required. So, finally it has been approved by the IESG's review process. I do now understand the RFC concept.

Internet was created by people connected to the DARPA net family of projects with the first serious experimental work starting around 1968. The people who did it were affiliated to various US universities and a few companies capable mean, you send your idea on how Internet can be made better to your fellow researches in ARPA net.

It seems that these people communicated their findings by storing and circulating them as oddly formatted text files on the very infrastructure that were the subject for their research. And now more than forty years later there still is this mix of individuals from academic and corporate research environments from all over the world. Friendly geeks who want that the Internet should be good place for its users. So, when you submit a draft you do get the comments you requested. You get a lot of them and in our case they were all constructive and friendly. The process is open

That's why its called an RFC and thats why they Internets standardization procedures works so well.


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