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2010-04-11: Digital Representation and the Text Model
Dino Buzzetti, 2002. Digital Representation and the Text Model. New Literary History, 33(1), p. 61-88.
Text encoding, Digital objects, 2010

2002: S:t Laurentius Digital Manuscript Library: An excursion along the border between resource discovery and resource description
This note has three aims. First it discusses the experiences gained by the development of a specific service, which, using a collection of detailed XML descriptions, provides its users access to a collection of digitized medieval manuscripts. Secondly, it discusses the database used from the point of view of both retrieval of the intellectual content (the texts) of these manuscripts and of the retrieval of the manuscripts as unique entities. Finally, it explores the possibilities for searching a collection of complex XML documents using a full text retrieval engine used together with the Z39.50 information retrieval protocol.
XML processing, Text encoding, Metadata, Digital humanities, Digitization, 2002

En presentation jag höll om Arkiv før dansk litteratur (ADL)
XML processing, Text encoding, Digital humanities, Music, language & literature, 2008

2008: Digital Humanities Infrastructures
This note discusses different initiatives as regards providing access to resources and tools aimed at researchers within the humanities. Since the general breakthrough of search services like Google, annotation and bookmarking services like and the like, the attitudes towards the application of computing within the humanities has changed. In addition, the concept of e-science has contributed to make scholars positive to apply computing to various problems within the humanities. Following a discussion started around year 2000, we propose that it is possible to formalize many humanities computing tasks as pipelines between XML processing steps.
XML processing, Text encoding, Digital humanities, 2008

2002: XML -- en mjuk start för biblioteksfolk Mitt ständigt ofärdiga undervisningsmaterial (...och en del annat)
Denna text syftar till att ge en överblick över vissa områden av det digitala biblioteksområdet vilka är stadda i snabb utveckling. En utveckling som i hög grad katalyseras av utvecklingen av olika tillämpningar av eXtensible Markup Language, XML, som i år fyller fem år. Utöver användningen av XML inom det digitala biblioteksväsendet ges en överblick över modernt tänkande när det gäller metadata, hur XML kan tänkas påverka hur vi tar del av, och hanterar elektroniska texter både i form av digitalt bevarande och publicering av t ex forskningsrapporter.
XML processing, Text encoding, Metadata, 2002


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