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2014-09-14: Questions after twenty years on the web
I have had this site since 1995, but the oldest parts are in fact from 1994, which makes twenty years of presence on the web. There are a lot of thoughts around this. For example, should I keep the site or through it away? If I keep it, should I stick to having English as its main language?
Colophon, Internet, 2014

2010-11-25: Peer review and request for comments
Laurent Romary and myself have authored an RFC. That means a Request For Comments. I now understand why.
Internet, 2010

2010-04-14: Is Google Making us Stupid?
Having had a web site for about 15 years, I start to wonder why I keep it in the first place.
Digital objects, Internet, 2010

2010-03-29: A new line in the list
I've spent half of this week writing an Internet draft
Internet, 2010

2010-03-17: Modelling identifers?
Nick Nicholas, Nigel Ward and Kerry Blinco helps obscuring the digital identifiers concept
Structural web design, Internet, 2010

2010-03-13: Idempotency and HTTP methods
Idempotency is actually the feature of HTTP that makes Worldwide Web
Internet, 2010

2010-02-25: Why you need a persistence strategy
Here I go through some of the arguments why you need to implement a persistence strategy. We also conclude that the hypertext link is the single thing that makes the Worldwide web to a web. Hence it is a serious thing. If you're working within the digital library world you should be devoted to the hypertext link.
Structural web design, Internet, 2010

2010-02-23: The URN:NBN is dead and resurrection is meaningless
I'm one of those who try to base all decisions on facts. Politics belong to the strategic field, and in that field the only thing I can offer is advice.
Structural web design, Internet, 2010

2010-02-21: The proliferation of redundant meaning
I first used the term semantic drift about 10 years ago. It was a real danger then, it still is but the proliferation of synonymous vocabularies is worse still.
Internet, Metadata, 2010

2010-02-17: Amazon, Adobe & Apple
My attitude towards eBooks has always been negative. Why should we lock content into proprietary formats. The sitution has changed.
Internet, 2010

2010-02-14: An Irish Stew
Is Internet at a crossroad?
Internet, 2010

2009-09-20: Att tjäna den demokratiska kulturnationens minne
Jag har arbetat med att programmera digitala bibliotek i ungefär 15 år. När jag läser debatten om biblioteket i Sydsvenskan känner jag att jag borde säga något. Jag vet inte i vilken utsträckning mitt perspektiv kommer att kännas relevant för alla de som känner sig kallade att yttra sig, men jag har en hel del erfarenheter som nog de flesta andra saknar.
The Library, Internet, 2009

2009-08-03: What does Free mean for The Library
Blogging is out, and the new trend is to tweet in Twitters. Syndication is out as well, since Google steals your content and you cannot make money on journalism. How can we survive when all media are free?
Media, The Library, Internet, 2009

2006: Konkurrerar Google framgångsrikt med biblioteken?
En diskussion om Bibliotekets förhållande till sökmaskinen Google
The Library, Digital libraries, Internet, 2006

2007: Usage of digital resources with respect to method of publishing
I compared the usage of Digital material in relation to whether the material was hidden away in the the library opac or published on our web site. The result was as expected a disappointment for those who regard the Library catalogue as an important vehicle for dissemination of digital material
The Library, Library catalogues, Digital libraries, Internet, Structural web design, 2007

2005: Digitala biblioteket
En föreläsning om Internets historia, Det Digitala Biblioteket och Bibliotekets historia.
Digital libraries, Internet, 2005

2004: Vad händer med biblioteket när dess samlingar finns överallt och ingen särskild stans?
Biblioteken existerar för att det finns användare som är beredda att betala för deras tjänster. Visserligen betalar man i regel via skattesedeln och inte med sitt betalkortet, men principen är densamma. Under vilka förutsättningar är användarna, eller deras valda representanter, redo att betala för bibliotekens tjänster? Går det att finansiera lokalt bibliotek när biblioteksresurserna finns överallt och ingen särskild stans? Vilken kommun eller vilket universitet kan finansiera ett bibliotek som bara har en katalog, men inga samlingar? Och när allt kommer omkring, vem vill ha samlingar och varför? De är ju dyra och tar plats.
The Library, Digital libraries, Internet, 2004


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My name is Sigfrid Lundberg. The stuff I publish here may, or may not, be of interest for anyone else.

On this site there is material on photography, music, literature and other stuff I enjoy in life. However, most of it is related to my profession as an Internet programmer and software developer within the area of digital libraries. I have been that at the Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen (Denmark) and, before that, Lund university library (Sweden).

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