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Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2010-03-29

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If you're involved in what goes on on the Net at a technical level then you will at some stage run into acronyms asuch ISOC, IESG and IETF. They are, respectively, short for Internet Society, Internet Engineering Steering Group and Internet Engineering Task Force.

Even if industry has contributed a lot to the development of Internet it has done so through these organizations. Furthermore, the Net as we know it with its standards, traditions and concepts comes from Academia. Internet grew out of a research project financed by the US Navy, which supported research at US universities such as University of California at Berkeley.

These organizations keep track of their histories. Indeed the best Internet history comes from the IETF in Request For Comments 2235.


There is another important entity on the Internet. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). This organization has in its care the Internet Root Zone, that is it owns the name server that rules them all.

IANA is also keeping track of the list of MIME media types. To explain the significance of this list, you have to think about all those times when you've failed to open some file sent to you with e-mail. That's what happens when the sender's message header contains an erroneous MIME media type.

Laurent Romary and myself have spent quite some time this week writing an Internet draft. The purpose of that draft is to add a single line on the list of media types, containing the string application/tei+xml.


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