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2010-04-11: Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
For many years I wrote most of my code in the Perl programming language. Now I've been a exclusively java programmers for five years
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2010-03-08: Bourne Again Shell
The Bourne Again Shell is a prominent part of my life. Dark moments I've felt that I'm obsoleted by modern technologies, but all of a sudden I realised that I'm as modern as smarphone users
Images, Programming, 2010

2009-11-01: The specification and the TODO-list
Through the web, a software vendor and a service provider could all of a sudden compete on the same market. The software vendor use the traditional specification, but a service implies software which is in continuous development. Strictly speaking, there are no projects anymore, just different activities. No specifications anymore, but TODO lists containing incidents, bugs and requests for features ranked by importance.
Programming, 2009

2009-11-01: The two Cultures
Do you know the second law of thermodynamics?
Programming, 2009

2009-10-17: What about the HECS platforms?
I've used fortran, pascal, C, perl, php and java in addition to more specialized tools such as SQL and XSLT. There is currently a lot of discussions on what platform will be the next winner.
Programming, 2009


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My name is Sigfrid Lundberg. The stuff I publish here may, or may not, be of interest for anyone else.

On this site there is material on photography, music, literature and other stuff I enjoy in life. However, most of it is related to my profession as an Internet programmer and software developer within the area of digital libraries. I have been that at the Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen (Denmark) and, before that, Lund university library (Sweden).

The content here does not reflect the views of my employers. They are now all past employers, since I retired 1 May 2023.