On indexing of XML using XSLT

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2010-03-18

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Back in July last year, I promised that I should return to how xslt extensions could be used to index arbitrary XML documents.

xslt_indexer is a JAVA application that I wrote a few years ago. It is used in some applications, such as the Guaman Poma Web Site.

The search engine is Apache Lucene, and the indexing engine is based on Xalan Java. The principle is that you use xslt to create and save lucene documents, and you can use xslt constructs to insert text into arbitrary fields in the lucene documents.

Please find here

Beware though that this is work in progress, although the rate of progress is very low. I've put it online mostly for the purpose of publishing the idea. The error handling is virtually absent.


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