Towards an Architectural Document Analysis

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2010-04-12

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Helena Francke, 2008. Towards an Architectural Document Analysis. Journal of Information Architecture, 1(1).

Document Architecture
Information Architecture
logical structures
organisation system
layout structures
organisation schemes
content structures
organisation structures
file structures

Fig. 1. Information architecture level categories compared with document architecture ones, as Helena Franke presents them. The term labelling refers to how subjects or segments are referred to in the navigation system. In the case of navigation inside a document the labels are, I presume, equal to the chapter and section headers.

This is a paper with a very simple take home message, which I reformulate here in my own words (Helena Franke might not agree): When a document, be it a book or an article or whatever is transformed to web content its content and expression (I've decided to adopt Buzzetti's terminology) become a part of a web site's information architecture, or perhaps an extension of it. The usability of a digital text, does depend its literary and scientific quality, but also very much on how well the information is represented.

Now, this might be obvious for those who consume media on the net, but unfortunately it is not obvious for many of those who produce digital editions on the same net, which is the reason I have waste so much HTML markup on this subject area.

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