Thinking when the spring is approaching

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2010-03-09

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The Thinker
The Thinker

Fig. 1. There is no doubt what the thinker has been thinking about this winter. Or that is what I think.

It has been a long and harsh winter here in Scandinavia. I am one of those who hate the cold darkness which characterizes my part of the world. Many of us have been thinking about the weather (Fig. 1).

Since christmas I've been involved two projects, one of which is currently approaching deliverable. Unfortunately it has been delayed but on the other hand I've got the opportunity to learn Xforms. I think that both the library and myself will benefit from it.

Public Transport Burdened by Ice
Public Transport Burdened by Ice

Fig. 2. All public transport has had far too much problems. And far too few trains has carried too many passengers, and too much ice.

The other project, a redesign of our Digital Object Management System (DOMS), is approaching a journey to Stanford together with some good colleagues.

Those of us who commute has had problems during the winter (Fig. 2). Regardless of how we travel, most of us look forward to the spring (Fig. 3).

Socially unacceptable vehicle in snow
Socially unacceptable vehicle in snow

Fig. 3. But so has all Socially Unacceptable Vehicles. This vehicle is buried. In snow. The owner looks forward to spring. So do I.

New projects

I have two really stimulating projects which will keep me occupied for the better part of the coming year. The most important one for me is that I've been given the opportunity to spend one quarter of my time on basic research into digital library objects.

The idea is to start from the Smart Object Dumb Archive (SODA) model. It is an old model, but there are not many alternatives. There are a number of new approaches that look very much like SODA, such as the successful .epub format and the formats used within Universal Plug and Play. UPnP distributes both metadata and digital objects such as music and film within a local area network.

The second project is still just planning but here I will contribute to a new critical edition of Ludvig Holbergs collected work.


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