Reflections on a Library at Dusk

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2010-01-28

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library at dusk
library at dusk

This is The Royal Library, Copenhagen, also known as The Black Diamond. I've seen its exterior in all kinds of weather conditions during the five years I've been working there. I'll give you some images showing the spectacular black granite fasade at dusk.

I have taken all of them with my mobile, from the stop of bus 66. While waiting for the bus, I can see the library if I turn towards the east. Towards the south I can see the harbour, which is a strait separating the island of Amager from Copenhagen. Here you'll recognize the reflections of the water in the harbour. You can also see the Langebro bridge and the large Ny Kredit building. These are structures situated west from the library, behind my back.

rush hour reflected in a library
rush hour reflected in a library

There is a red dot in the black granite. It is the reflections of the back light of a car driving westwards from the bus stop towards the bridge. If you look really careful you'll see a green traffic light mirror itself close the the red dot.

library under the rainbow
library under the rainbow

I've been really fascinated by these reflections for some time now. Here is another image which is cropped to show the traffic. There is red traffic lights just outside the library, and green at the Langebro bridge. You can see a distinct green dot in the black granite. There's quite a few eastbound cars taking the opportunity to mirror themselves in the black granite while waiting.

Somewhere under the rainbow

A classical rainbow contains most visible colours. This one, however, is taken at dusk. Hence there is more red in it than you're used to. To be honest, this image is taken east of the bus stop. You see, I had to position myself such that the pot of gold should be found by Our Saviour's Church. If you look carefully, you should be able to see the tip of its cork screw shaped tower just where the rain bow hits the ground.


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