Biogon T* 2,8/25 ZM: Portrait of a lens

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2012-11-18

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This is one of the very sharpest lenses made by mankind. Its resolution at aperture f/4, 400 lp/mm, corresponds to the maximum resolution theoretically possible at f/4; in other words it represents the calculated 'diffraction limited' performance at this aperture. says La Vida Leica in its review of the lens. To put this in another way: Physics prohibits the construction of a lens with hight resolution power!

Before I walked away to buy it I did read a handful of other reviews, including, ones by Steve Huff and diglloyd. You find my shots taken with Biogon T* 2,8/25 ZM here. Below you find a random sample from my personal favourites.

R0015982 by Sigfrid Lundberg, on Flickr
1324849879643 by Sigfrid Lundberg, on Flickr
R0013542_cropped.jpeg by Sigfrid Lundberg, on Flickr
R0011921.JPG by Sigfrid Lundberg, on Flickr
R0012784.JPG by Sigfrid Lundberg, on Flickr
R0012105.JPG by Sigfrid Lundberg, on Flickr
R0014283.JPG by Sigfrid Lundberg, on Flickr


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