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Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2009-09-05

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It is about twelve weeks since i refurbished and redecorated this site. It is time for an evaluation. I do ask myself more or less daily if I can continue to say that this is worthwhile? My answer has been yes so far. I also ask myself if I do a good enough job, and to that my answer has been: Yes, I believe that some of my entries are good enough.

About 12 weeks usage statistics for my site.

Figure 1. Average number of visits per week for my site (in blue) and the average time (in seconds) people stay there (in red). Week 1 in the graph is the starting June 14, 2009. The last week is August 23 to 29.

The number of visitors has been growing steadily from only a few individual visitors per week, to about two dozen. But on the other hand the time spend reading have declined dramatically (Figure 1). I do have a handful of visitors staying for a couple of minutes reading my weekly entry. This is easy to tell from the google statistics. I have no graphs on this, but distribution of time spent per visit is bimodal. A majority stays less than ten seconds, very few stay for a minute but a larger minority stay for three to five minutes, perhaps reading one entry and skimming another.

My most successful entry is On Divorce and Unemployment Benefit Societies. I do think it deserves it, but the key to its success is that I wrote a comment on Google Research Blog, the place that inspired me to write in the first place. Just yesterday I got 26 visitors through that blog entry.

That entry was also the one that took most time to write, followed by my text On being an international commuter where the actual wordsmithing took an awful amount of time. Two people has told me that they thought it was funny.

Subject matters

I've mentioned earlier that I started all this by adding categories to all material that existed here before (mind you, this site is fifteen years old). I've hardly used any of them. Why should I. I'd rather not wright anything about harvesting or Z39.50. (I've done both the last three years, but these topics doesn't interest me anymore.)

I suppose I should figure out a new system to categorize my material, but then why should I?

It does take time

All this writing takes time, and energy. I feel that I have to publish something every week. I mostly use the time I spend on train between Lund and Copenhagen, but I also use several hours on evenings and weekends on this. You cannot start a project which is time consuming without side effects. I read less novels and literature just for the fun of it. I've hardly touched my flute and recorders during this period.

I've read somewhere that it takes about half a year to establish a blog, and I suppose that's about it. I won't write about web statistics until then.


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