The predator rests on its prey

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2009-07-13

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an excavator on top of a demolished building

Is this Smaug resting on a pile of gold? Or a predator resting after a victorius battle with a powerful prey?

Obviously neither. But I've seen this image before. An excavator has demolished a building, and has then proudly been parked on top of the remnants. The building was a petrol station from the sixties. I'll not miss it; it was an ugly building. The shop inside it was poor. That's not the point.

The point is just why this gesture of aggression? Why is the excavator always parked on top of the remnants? Is it a gesture of triumph? Has the present once again earned a victory over the past? It is the choice of parking place which is the question.


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