Creative Commons and Dutch Elm Disease

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2012-05-08

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P4256945.ORF by Sigfrid Lundberg, on Flickr

I've been an active amateur photographer many years, but more so since I about three years acquired a digital system camera and started to share my images on Flickr. Besides the actual publication of your photos, there is an ongoing conversation on images and photography on Flickr which usually means that photographers visits each others streams and comment. Today I got the following comment:

Hi Sigfrid, Thanks for licensing this powerful image under Creative Commons. Dutch elm disease wreaked similar havoc here in the UK. We have used the image on a community blog about an open space, called Clifton and Durham Downs, here in Bristol. You can see the image and accompanying story here:

I haven't got any comment that made me sad on Flickr, but hardly any that made me more glad than the one above.

My photos are used all over the place, and it makes me happy when I see them used for commendable purposes. They even appear on less worthwhile sites as well, but that is another story. But this is the first time someone actually thanked me for licensing my photos under a CC license.


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