Will the tablets change the world?

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2010-05-09

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I have previously discussed the impact of the tablet computer and described how I've acqired one myself. Here I give some further pointers on the subject.

Wired Magazine dedicated the cover and quite a few of its April issue to the appearance of the iPad. Here's two quotes:

[The iPad] will remake both book publishing and Hollywood, because it creates a transmedia that conflates books and video. You get TV you read, books you watch, movies you touch. (Kevin Kelly)


For decades, futurists have dreamed of the “universal book”: a handheld reading device that would give you instant access to every book in the Library of Congress. In the tablet era, it’s no longer technology holding us back from realizing that vision; it’s the copyright holders. Steven Johnson, 2010

I found this snippet on the effect of tablets on higher education:

Personally, I think that the current version of the iPad is the ultimate personal entertainment device, but one that has been designed for an ulterior purpose. I believe the iPad is destined to become the first device/platform to make significant headway in the education space — particularly in higher education. (Evan Schnittman).


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