A framework for distributed digital object services

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff 2010-04-07

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Robert Kahn and Robert Wilensky, 2006. A framework for distributed digital object services, International Journal on Digital Libraries 6(2), pp. 115-123,

This is not really a scientific paper, or it does not look like one. Rather, it is a document written, maintained and used 1993-1995 internally within the CSTR project (Computer Science Technical Reports). The text has since influenced the development, and was finally published in a special issue on complex digital objects of International Journal on Digital Libraries. I ensure you that you'll find more references to that issue here in the weeks to come.

The importance of the CSTR project cannot be overestimated. In many ways it lead forward to initiatives such as DCMI and OAI, and indeed the establishment of digital libraries research as a discipline on its own right.

Having written this, I have to confess that I've already lost the interest to discuss it further.

This entry is part of my series Readings on digital objects

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