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Jacob Larsen, Eld Zierau and myself are participating in the LibDevConX Meeting at Stanford, 23-25 March 2010 (See also Roy Tennant's Photostream). I will return to this here. However, I've as yet little to report. I have to think a bit before I write. While I do that, you may enjoy my first visual impressions from Palo Alto and Stanford..

Garden in Palo Alto
Garden in Palo Alto

A lovely garden somewhere between our hotel and the Meyer Library at Stanford University.

Rodin at Stanford
Rodin at Stanford

Gustave Rodin at Stanford University. You may want to compare this with the Rodin in Copenhagen.


A nice graffiti, or is it al fresco? And what is the difference

Science against an evilgelical religion.

The Papua New Guinea Sculpture Park.

The view from my hotel room.


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