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Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff, 2015-04-20

I am making an effort to complete my commuting photoproject. (That does not mean that I intend to stop commuting, just that I will no longer regard that as a photoproject.) The product will be a short documentary film; the video clip you see here is a prototype. I am also considering making an attempt at publishing the stuff as a book.

The video consists of about 50 still images and three videoclips.

Categories: Photography, Video

Other, not yet obsolete stuff

2015-04-06 Gonna make a sentimental journey to renew old memories
För trettiofem år sen reste vi till Grekland, Gertrud och jag. Vi var yngre då än vårt yngsta barn är nu. I veckan som gick återvände vi. Trettiofem år är lång tid, mer än halva mitt liv, om trettiofem år är vi sannolikt döda.
Souvenir, Photography, Essays
2015-03-22 Varför blir det såhär?
Hörde på nyheterna idag att USA nu är nästan självförsörjande på energi, och att det begåtts två nya mord i Biskopsgården.
Zeitgeist, Essays
2015-03-17 On the availability of stout
On my way home today I realized that something essential was missing. The stout.
Photography, Food and drink
2015-02-09 Too many buses, too many passengers
Inspired by the envy percieved when seeing all buses go with high frequency, except those lines I'm using
2015-02-05 Same but different
Two photos with similar composition but very different subject
2015-01-14 Movable type and the typographer's last words
Equipment from my fathers workshop.
Typography, Photography

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