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My name is Sigfrid Lundberg. The stuff I publish here may, or may not, be of interest for anyone else.

On this site there is material on photography, music, literature and other stuff I enjoy in life, but most of the it is related to my profession as an Internet programmer and software developer within the area of digital libraries at the Royal Library, Copenhagen (Denmark) and, before that, Lund university (Sweden).

The content here does not reflect the views of my past or present employers

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Questions after twenty years on the web

Sigfrid Lundberg's Stuff, 2014-09-14

Readers by contry, according to google analytics.

Figure 1. My largest readership comes from Sweden. However, the total number of readers from the rest of the world exceeds my Swedish readership. So, I suppose it might still be worthwhile for me to write in English.

I have had this site since 1995, but the oldest parts are in fact from 1994, which makes twenty years of personal presence on the web. I have thought about this for a while. For example, should I keep the site or just through it away and save a couple of hundred SEK per month?

I've discussed why before. After that, I decide to keep it several times a year. Whenever I pay the bill to my service provider.

At times I just don't care about the site. I'm up to something else. If people have problem with my material not being up-to-date, that's their problem. I don't care

Although I only periodically care for the stuff I keep here, I've thought about if I

  1. should continue with my current hosting and my own (home brewed) software.
  2. should stick to English as its main language, or return to my mother tongue Swedish?

However, now I feel that there are things that is more easy to discuss in my native language, and many of my readers should find my material more accessible. After all, Swedes are the largest single nationality visiting my site. However the total number of readers from the rest of the world exceeds my Swedish readership (Figure 1).

In short, expect more material in Swedish, but I will continue write in English whenever I expect that it is worthwhile.

This means that you shouldn't really expect any significant changes here..., and don't ask me why I use several hundred words for telling you why I won't make any substantial change.

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Other, not yet obsolete stuff

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2012-11-18 Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Super Wide Heliar: A portrait of a lens
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2012-05-14 On colour
When a subject contains vidid colours, I invariably transform the photo to black and white. If there are few I usually preserve colour. Unless there is special conditions that make me feel that colour is important. For instance, when the image contain vivid colours.
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